Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Walter Grant Legal

We are specialist commercial litigation and dispute resolution lawyers.

Experienced and results-driven - we create value for our clients through a relentless focus on our client’s objectives.

We seek to understand, find solutions and execute.

A few reasons

Why Choose Us?


We are communicators

You will understand where you stand at all times


You agree before you get invoiced

Whilst we do not offer free legal advice, you will be presented with an estimate of costs that you agree to before we commence work on your behalf


Experienced Lawyers

Decades of experience in Commercial Litigation, Mediation and Litigation Funding


Commercial Law is complicated

We provide advisory services, both on retainer and per case to help ensure that you get the best outcome possible given the circumstances


Stay out of court if possible

We bring our experience in commercial litigation and in skilled mediation to bear in getting you an outcome that makes sense to you financially and informs you of the downside risk to you not being successful


Planning ahead saves you

Planning ahead helps avoid future problems and is often less expensive and less stressful than fixing the problem later on. Agreements and contracts are examples of where commercial lawyer involvement earlier rather than later can work to your advantage